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Selling new homes requires a range of specialists. From Sales Consultants, Sales Development Managers through to Sales Managers.

See below for an example of some of the roles we recruit for.

Investment Property Specialist

Use your years of experience to help clients find sound and valuable investment property solutions. As a Property Investment Specialist, you’ll be responsible for promoting and selling properties to investors. You’ll be supplied with leads by Investor Assist and ABN Realty, but you’ll also be expected to generate your own leads, so it’s very much a business development role.

Sales Administrator

As a Sales Administrator, you’ll keep our Sales Consultants working efficiently, right through the pre-construction phase. It’s your job to make their day-to-day work streamlined and hassle-free, and to ensure all issues are promptly resolved.

You’ll need strong admin skills, a proven knowledge of CBS and Microsoft Office, resilience under pressure and the ability to manage a diverse sales team. Naturally, you’ll also need a strong customer service focus, great communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work across departments and manage multiple stakeholders.

Sales Consultant

As a Sales Consultant, you’re responsible for selling our homes. It’s a high pressure role, and you’ll probably be on a commission-based pay structure. So if you’re good at what you do, and you work hard, you can earn a lot of money.

What’s involved? Well, you’ll spend a lot of time in our display homes, talking to prospective clients — mostly outside ‘normal’ work hours (people usually shop for a new home on the weekend). You have to be able to communicate — and listen — well, quickly establish a rapport with strangers, and turn that rapport into long-lasting relationships. It’s an exciting, fast paced role that requires a ‘go-getter’ attitude, a lot of energy, and the ability to think on your feet and work autonomously. Obviously it would also help if you have a passion for the construction industry and a solid understanding of the sales process.

Sales Development Manager

Our Sales Development Managers demonstrate leadership, motivate and coach the sales team. Ensuring they perform to their potential and consistently deliver on immediate and long term sales objectives. Your key responsibilities will include the recruitment and induction of new Sales Consultants, and the ongoing improvement and evaluation of their skills and results. It’s a hands-on role, requiring you to design and deliver skill development programs, and provide general motivation and support.

Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager, you’ll lead and manage the performance of the sales team, develop and implement agreed annual sales plans, forecasts and budgets that work in sync and in collaboration with the marketing team. It’s a job that requires strong leadership to ensure the client experience is always championed. Just as importantly, it requires highly developed organisation skills to stay on top of comprehensive reporting and reviews, so your team will always have the competitive edge.



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