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Everything we do requires the utmost efficiency. So we need the very best support staff, including Administrators, Fleet Managers, IT Desktop Support Specialists and Business Analysts.

See below for an example of some of the roles we recruit for.


Our Administrators keep the office running efficiently. You’ll provide office support to Managers to ensure everyone has all they need to work effectively. This means organising meetings, managing schedules, arranging travel, typing documents and so on.

As an Administrator, you could work in virtually any area within the ABN business, from Drafting to Scheduling to Prestart. And because you’d be responsible for helping an entire office of people work more efficiently, you need great time management and people skills, excellent attention to detail, and a love of working with people. Obviously you’ll also need to stay very organised, yourself, as you’ll generally be juggling numerous priorities at once.

Client Liaison Specialists

Client Liaison is all about keeping customers happy as we build their new home. Communicating and building a relationship with them, answering questions, troubleshooting and facilitation. You may stay with some clients the whole way through the building process — from signing of contracts right through to the end of the maintenance period. Other times you might work with a client only until their home is ready for construction, or only during construction.

It’s a hard job, but very rewarding, with great opportunities to build your knowledge of the entire building process. Plus it’s exciting to help people build their dream home!

Desktop Support People

As a Desktop Support Person, you’ll resolve IT problems for other ABN staff. Usually your tasks will involve physically setting up and maintaining computers, printers, photocopiers, iPads, email accounts and email distribution groups. You’ll also log tasks in the system and follow up with your internal clients, keeping them informed of the status of their ticket and any changes to the expected completion date.

Obviously this means you’ll have a lot of interaction with people from all areas of the company on a broad range of technologies. You’ll need to think quickly on your feet, and be a good communicator who likes helping people. You must also have a proven understanding of Microsoft Active Directory and be able to manage hardware inventory.



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