About the ABN Group

Established in Perth in 1978, the ABN Group is Australia’s leading construction, property and finance company. As a group, we operate 20+ businesses, covering new home design and construction, commercial property development, property finance, real estate (land) development, conveyancing, plumbing, renovations, concreting, roofing, ceiling & wall fixing, kitchen design & installation, and property investment. We’ve built more than 65,000 homes across Western Australia and Victoria, and financed more than 27,000. We employ more than 1,400 people, engage over 2,500 independent construction contractors, and more apprentices than any other builder in Australia.

A lot has changed in the last 30+ years, but our passion for building, our relentless commitment to quality, our uncompromising commitment to leading through excellence, our sense of fun and our desire to give back to the community have remained the same. It's these qualities that have driven us to become the leader in the Australian residential building market.

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  • The ABN story — From West Australian builder to Australia’s leading construction, property and finance group.
  • Our Companies — From first homes to luxury residences, finance to property development, building support services and everything in between.
  • Awards — Every award is more than an accolade; it’s proof of the excellence we strive for.
  • Apprenticeships — We don’t just train tradespeople, we nurture careers. See the apprenticeships currently available.
  • Careers — Construction, property and finance jobs across WA and Victoria. Start a challenging and rewarding career with The ABN Group now.
  • The Alcock Family Foundation — Over the last 10 years the ABN Group has donated funds of over $8.1million to various worthy causes.