Dale Alcock: thought leader & industry spokesperson

Given his vast construction industry experience spanning more than three decades, it’s no surprise that Dale is often asked to provide expert media commentary on a wide range of topics. Below is a list of the most common subject matter requests.

Perth & WA forecasts – where to from here?

  • Housing forecast – WA housing activity driving economic outlook in 2022
  • Demand for housing influenced by COVID: the WA border and its link to housing activity
  • WA and Perth as the world’s safe-haven and a beacon for economic recovery
  • New housing, established homes and the rental market – exploring the intricacies
  • WA’s economy – driving business and consumer sentiment
  • The impact of an historic low interest rate environment and available finance on housing demand.
  • Investor activity – eastern states interest in WA housing

WA vs. eastern states – different stages of the house cycle

  • The WA property cycle in comparison to the eastern states
  • Why Sydney-centric commentary on property does not apply to WA consumers
  • ABN Group’s experience building homes in Perth and Melbourne

Keeping new homes on track

  • Skilled labour shortages in WA and the way ahead
  • Strong demand for land slowed by development delays
  • Supply chain disruption issues and their impact on the building industry
  • From port to site: local supply chain issues and their impact on the average Perth home builder
  • New innovative products that can support the homebuyer on their journey to building a home
  • How ABN Group works to keep the dream of homeownership a reality

Home design & location trends

  • The impact of COVID-19 on new home designs
  • Fit for purpose: socio-economic factors and their impact on new home design – e.g. FIFO workforce, an ageing population, immigration, intergenerational living
  • The challenge of balancing the need for increased urban expansion with greater densification of the city
  • The importance of providing housing choice in the city and suburbs

Government policy and initiatives

  • How is the building industry guided by government frameworks to meet the needs of future growth?
  • Housing affordability and social housing – home ownership for all
  • How Government building grants grow economic activity – ROI for all Australians
  • State and federal election and budget analysis from a Perth and Melbourne residential builder perspective

Investing in the next generation of trades

  • ABN Group is Australia’s largest and most successful apprenticeship training program for building and construction trades
  • Training building apprentices: why more private companies should do it & what this means for the future
  • Trades for all: supporting women, mature age, and minority groups achieve career goals

Giving back to the community

A subject close to Dale’s heart, the Alcock Family Foundation (launched in 2006 as the ABN Foundation) has donated more than $9.5 million to worthy causes, both close to home and overseas.

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