Apply for an ABN Training apprenticeship (Perth and Bunbury WA)

This is where it starts! If you’re interested in an apprenticeship with the ABN Group, in Perth or Bunbury, Western Australia, please fill in the application form below.

Our application process

1. When we receive your application it goes into our central database (we keep it there for up to three months).

2. We then check your references and qualifications against our employment criteria, and confirm whether we have any current roles available in the trade you’re applying for.

3. At this stage we may contact you for more information or to arrange an interview. If you haven’t been offered a position within three months, and you still want to be considered for future roles, you’ll need to reapply by completing a new application.


Apprenticeship Application Form

Personal Details
Personal details
Citizenship - relevant for funding purposes

Applicants will be required to travel to various worksites. A current driver's licence and own transport is highly desirable. Applicants without a driver's licence or transport will still be considered.

White Card training (construction Induction training)
White Card training (construction Induction training)

If you are offered a position with ABN Training you must have a White Card prior to commencing onsite.


Applicant is required to provide copy of academic statement & certificate/s if contacted for an interview.


Applicant is required to provide copy of academic statement & certificate/s if contacted for an interview.

Relevant work experience
Relevant work experience

(Reference checks will be conducted legally in an ethical manner and all information derived will remain confidential).

Please list two references below.

Evidence of Colour Vision Testing (Ishihara Test) – only for Painting & Decorating applicants if contacted for an interview
Evidence of colour vision testing

Evidence is required only for painting and and decorating applicants who have been contacted for an interview.
Applicant is required to provide evidence that they have undergone colour vision testing (i.e. Ishihara Test) at any optometrist or doctor.
The cost of the test is to be paid for by the applicant.

Medical history & disclosure
Medical history

ABN Training maintains a duty of care to ensure apprentices meet their occupational Health and Safety obligations and can undertake the obligations and duties involved in the trade in a safe and healthy manner at all times.

Answering YES to any of the following will not necessarily preclude you from a position but may require you to attend a fitness test to ensure you are able to undertake the physical work required in the construction industry.

An apprenticeship involves physical duties including:

  • Repetitive bending
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Heavy lifting
  • Working with hazardous chemicals
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Working with hand and electrical power tools
  • Working at heights
  • A high degree of manual and physical dexterity
Important Information
Important information

Leaving school BEFORE the end of Year 10

A parent/legal guardian of a student who seeks an exemption must make application through the school to the Department of Education Services. The main grounds for granting an exemption are for the student to commence full time employment, a traineeship or an apprenticeship.
For more information please contact the Department of Education Services on (08) 9441 1900.

Leaving school DURING years 11 and 12 (including year 10) graduates

A parent/legal guardian is required to complete and submit the Notice of Arrangements form on behalf of their child direct to the Department of Education. For more information please contact the Department of Education on (08) 9264 8167.

Privacy Statement
Privacy statement

ABN Training collects personal information from you for the purpose of assessing your suitability for the applied position. Your privacy is important to us and it is ABN Group policy to respect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals. The ABN Group is bound by the Australian Privacy Principals in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth).

ABN Training is a part of the Alcock Brown-Neaves Group of companies and may disclose your personal information to other entities within the Group for purposes related to assessing your suitability for employment and related purposes as well as in any circumstances where there is a legal obligation to disclose it.

ABN Training takes care in storing your personal information securely whether it is stored in an electronic or paper-based form.
If you are employed by The ABN Group, your personal information will be retained and form part of your employment record.
Your personal information will be held by The ABN Group during the recruitment process and you may access it during this time.
If you require any further information on the policy please visit the following link:

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