What if I don't know what trade I want to do for my apprenticeship?

A trade pre-apprenticeship course at TAFE or other Registered Training Organisations is highly recommended for people who are unsure of what trade is best suited to them. A pre-apprenticeship is a full-time course you can choose to complete before you sign on to do an apprenticeship.

Advantages of doing a pre-apprenticeship course:

  • A pre-apprenticeship course will allow you to try out a trade before committing to a long term contract or Training Agreement with an employer. You can try a trade and see if it really suits you before committing to a longer term apprenticeship.
  • It increases your competitiveness in getting an apprenticeship. You will have an edge over someone who is untrained when applying for an apprenticeship with an employer if you can demonstrate you already have some skills.
  • It gives you advanced standing in apprenticeship studies. A pre-apprentice course will have already taught you some things you will learn as an apprentice, so you can skip those units that teach skills in which you are already competent.
  • The Construction Training Fund (CTF) offer a $250.00 subsidy to the successful completion of a pre apprenticeship course to assist in the cost of the TAFE course.
  • Pre-apprentices traditionally have extremely high rates of success in gaining apprenticeships after their training.