Stone masonry apprenticeships
(Perth, WA)

To the layman, stone masonry may sound like a thing of the past, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, qualified stone masons are still very much in demand. Here at the ABN Group, we employ more apprentices than any other builder in Australia and are one of the few places you can complete a stone masonry apprenticeship.

During our 3-year ABN apprenticeships, our apprentice stone masons are taught how to:

  • Set out work stations
  • Assemble stone tops
  • Select the right materials
  • Construct modular units
  • Build bench tops
  • Prepare cut outs
  • Assemble bench tops
  • Build and assemble commercial bench tops
  • Install products on site

Apply for a stone masonry apprenticeship with the ABN Group now.