Boutique Homes hand over foster home to OzChild

It was with great anticipation that Boutique Homes handed over the new purpose-built charity home to OzChild in September.
The specifically modified version of Boutique Homes ‘Rivier’ home will provide temporary care to vulnerable children as part of
OzChild’s Let’s Stay Together program.
This is the first home of its kind, designed and built for OzChild to create a warm and welcoming environment. The house will
become a home for siblings who might otherwise be separated, and their carer.
The five bedroom, three bathroom home features open plan living, dining and kitchen, a separate home theatre and extended
outdoor living space with a neutral and light colour palette.
The handover event allowed trades, suppliers, Boutique Homes and OzChild staff as well as the new tenants a chance to come
together and see the final house, soon to house foster parents Kris and Rick and their children in the coming month.
Upon accepting the home, Chief Executive Officer of OzChild Lisa Griffiths said it has been a wonderful commitment by Boutique
Homes, their staff and their suppliers to build this house so they can support a sibling group who would otherwise have to be split
‘Most people can’t keep more than one child in their foster care, they have their own children often, and it becomes very difficult.
This amazing couple said they want to keep this family intact; they have two children of their own and now three foster siblings in
their care. They also recently learned that there was a young boy of 14, so they said they would love for him to join their family’
Lisa said.
‘So they are not your typical people, they are what you would call altruistic people. What I’m pleased to tell you all today is that’s
what all of you are as well. The willingness to do things that brings advantage to others, even if it results in disadvantage for
yourself is altruism…every one of you who has participated in this project has been altruistic.’
Managing Director of ABN Group Victoria, Aidan Hooper said we’re extremely proud to have completed this very special home for
OzChild, which will provide temporary care for children and young people when it’s most needed.
‘What I’d like to focus on in just a few words is the people who put this house together, we are a building company which means
were an organiser of trades and suppliers; we don’t necessarily do all the work ourselves. If it weren’t for our suppliers and
partners and the people we work with, this house wouldn’t be here.’