Decorative Concrete

Looking for a stylish driveway to provide an impressive entrance to your home?
Or an alfresco area to enjoy while dining under the stars?

Providing an abundance of colours, textures and products, Concretus’ decorative concrete solutions offer the perfect product to complement your renovation or new build. Combining function with form, all products are not only aesthetically stunning, but also robust and set to last the distance.

We do love our outdoor living with entertaining alfresco areas and outdoor kitchens but these are often let down by “old style” brick paving. As we know, traditional brick paving deteriorates, often “sags” and moves over time and even encourages weeds to grow through. Concretus offers a complete supply and installation service that we only associate with the high-end building market and many new home owners and renovators have come to realise the benefits of dealing with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Concretus?
Concretus is a reputable and professional Decorative Concrete company able to handle any project that you are considering regardless of size or complexity. Our structured, well planned and professional approach to all aspects of works will ensure “piece of mind” right from start to finish.
Will you use steel mesh in my concrete?
Yes, Concretus will supply and install steel mesh reinforcement to all areas of your decorative concrete, regardless of whether it is trafficable or pedestrian, with the exception of Natural Poured Limestone products. Steel mesh reinforcement is correctly positioned within your poured concrete to ensure any shrinkage cracking is kept to a minimum, especially during initial curing stage.
Why do you use expansion foam?
Changes in temperature and weather conditions cause all products to expand and contract. All Concretus concrete products will always be separated from abutting brickwork, walls, piers and intrusions by a layer of quality expansion foam. This again works towards minimising any potential cracking throughout the life of your new investment.
Will you seal my concrete?
All exposed aggregate concrete products require cleaning shortly after final exposure. This is done in two stages, firstly by thoroughly acid washing in a controlled manner. This removes any cement residue and further enhances and ensures uniformity over the whole project.
Solvent based sealing is completed as the final stage, which really shows the natural lustre of the brilliant colours and natural appeal of the product.
Why does it cost so much?
It may appear that you are spending “a little more”, but you are investing in the overall appearance of your new home and/or renovation project. Decorative Concrete is a high end, value adding product that will provide years of durability and strength and require minimal ongoing maintenance for essentially a lifetime.
Exposed aggregate concrete is outside my budget but I don't want paving?
Concretus is able to offer a complete Decorative Concrete Solution. Whilst honed and exposed aggregate concrete products are not for everyone, why not consider our range of Natural “Poured” Limestone or Coloured “Oxided” type concretes which are now available in a wide range of colours and textures.
Will my concrete be smooth?
All efforts are made to achieve that ultimate “close shave” type finish but all mix designs vary in complexity and stone grade. The very nature of the washing/exposure process often results in varying levels of exposure from job to job, and this is something that you need to be aware of.

When considering exposure it is not the level or extent of exposure that determines a successful finish but “consistency” throughout the job. This is where our machine washing process, really makes a difference.

Why are there variations in my concrete?
When selecting a Decorative Concrete type product you need to consider that it is essentially a “natural” product, and will consist of an element of variation in both colour and texture. All efforts are made to reduce and minimise the extent of variation, but in one way the natural variation and randomness of the product is what you are paying for.
What about the cracking?
Well, concrete cracks. It is actually an inherent part of the concrete curing process. Having said this, Concretus does do everything it possibly can to minimise and limit the actual extent of cracking but on occasion “shrinkage type” cracking does occur. We cannot guarantee against cracking and neither can your builder.
Why are you telling me this?
All Decorative Concrete finished are based and rely on natural products quarried from sites at varying stages and different months and times of the year and will never be 100% consistent, resulting in an element of variation ranging from colour, exposure, texture and finish and it is important to us that you are fully aware of all these considerations prior to your product selection.

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