Leading builder Dale Alcock congratulates Coalition Government on stricter importation regulations

ABN Group Managing Director Dale Alcock has congratulated the Coalition Government, following its recent announcement to boost regulations to protect Australians from the importation of asbestos.

Recent changes mean that importers who recklessly import goods containing asbestos could now face up to five years jail time.

“Introducing increased penalties to deter the importation of asbestos is great news in the fight against asbestos disease,” Mr Alcock said.

“Prevention is the key to eliminate the occurrence of asbestos disease, and this regulation change is a step in the right direction.”

Mr Alcock said that the government and building industry needed to act together to ensure that all products that enter the country are safe for Australians.

“The onus is on both the government and building industry to ensure that any product that enters Australia is compliant,” he said.

“We’ve seen a few building defects emerge in the eastern state over the last few months, which have brought Australia’s construction standards into the spotlight.

“This is a serious issue that requires serious measures. We need to restore public trust by ensuring that the products used in the building industry are safe.”

Mr Alcock said the ABN Group employed stringent quality control procedures and had invested in creating strong relationships with its suppliers.

“ABN Group has a team of people who continuously develop, enforce and review our strict control procedures. We also demand high quality control processes from our suppliers.

“It means that we can provide assurance to our customers that we built homes and construct buildings with the best quality products.”

Read more about the changes via the media release. 

Edited 02 April 2019