Building & construction apprenticeships

The ABN Group employs more apprentices than any other builder in Australia. To us, an apprentice is a lot more than just someone learning the ropes. They’re the future of the building game — the future of our business.

Our Managing Director, Dale Alcock, was an apprentice bricklayer in WA, and many of our most successful employees started out as apprentices too. They put in the hard yards to become schedulers, estimators, construction managers, senior managers… the list goes on. So while you’re working hard to achieve your career goals, we’re working hard to give you the best training, the best conditions and the best opportunities. And just as importantly, you get our loyalty because as an employer of top young tradespeople, we want you with us for the long haul.

Take our registered WA training organisation, ABN Training. Or the way we’ve spearheaded numerous building apprentice reforms (just two reasons we’ve been an award-winner in the training of ‘top’ young tradespeople). Of course, you’ll come away with more than just the trade you learn. The ABN Group offers a small business course towards the end of your building and construction apprenticeship to aid you with the skills and knowledge of how to run your own business.

Once you’ve completed your building apprenticeship, you’ll have the opportunity to work as a sub-contractor with our group of companies. You may even get the opportunity to work for us as a scheduler or supervisor, or in a variety of other building and construction roles.

If you’re passionate about making it in the building and construction industry, the ABN Group will help you get there.

Browse our list of current WA building and construction apprenticeships to see if we have something you’re after.

Bricklaying — over your three-year apprenticeship, you’ll learn everything you need to know to handle all the bricklaying for a house.

Carpentry & Joinery — learn all the skills of a qualified carpenter in a three-year apprenticeship.

Plastering — there’s no better way to get into plastering than to do an apprenticeship with the ABN Group.

Painting & Decorating — set your painting and decorating career on the right path from day one, with an apprenticeship with the ABN Group in WA.

Plumbing & Gas Fitting — the best way to a career in plumbing and gas fitting is through an apprenticeship with the ABN Group in Perth.

Wall & Floor Tiling — master the critical skills of a wall and floor tiler with an ABN Group apprenticeship in WA.

Wall & Ceiling Fixing — take your first step towards a great career as a wall and ceiling fixer with a WA apprenticeship with the ABN Group.

Fixing Carpentry — learn the fixing carpentry skills that are invaluable on virtually any construction site.

Concreting — almost every construction site requires concreters. Become one by doing an apprenticeship with the ABN Group here in Perth.

Roof Plumbing — if you’ve decided to become a roof plumber, there’s no better way to get there than to complete a WA apprenticeship with the ABN Group.

Cabinet Making — as a highly skilled trade, cabinet making requires just the right apprenticeship, and an employer that can expose you to the best on-site opportunities.

Stone Masonry — qualified stonemasons are still very much in demand. Learn the skills of a master stone mason through an ABN Group apprenticeship in Perth.

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