New home designs and plans

As Australia’s leading construction, property and finance company, we build a lot of homes. More than 3,000 homes per year, in fact!

Through our 10 new home builders in WA and Victoria, we build everything from first homes to luxury residences.

And we’re one of the leading new home builders in the market.


Because in our work, as in our business, we’re passionate about achieving excellence, and we pursue it relentlessly. We know there are no shortcuts to success, just an authentic commitment to treating every new home as the most important we’ve ever built. And because to our Managing Directors, Dale Alcock and Aidan Hooper, it is! It’s an integral building block in our ongoing success as industry leaders. We care as much about it as you do, because our future rides on it.

To see and touch and feel some of our award-winning new home designs for yourself, find the right builder for you in WA or Victoria and have a stroll around, or view some of our new home and land packages.