ABN Executive Team

Managing Director

Dale Alcock

A third generation home builder, Dale commenced his career as a bricklayer in the WA wheatbelt town of Kellerberrin. He later joined partners John Webb & Garry Brown-Neaves in 1987 to establish Dale Alcock Homes. Today, as the Managing Director of the ABN Group, Dale has been instrumental in the spectacular, yet controlled, growth of the ABN Group and has grown to be one of the most recognised names and faces in the industry. Learn more about Dale Alcock.

Managing Director, Victoria

Aidan Hooper

Aidan has had an esteemed career within the ABN Group over the last 22 years. Using his nous and passion for Sales and Marketing, he has driven many of the ABN businesses to reach a critical scale with an amazing sales ethos. In 2009, Aidan took on the role of Managing Director of ABN's Melbourne operations Boutique Homes and Homebuyers Centre.

Chief Executive Officer

Damien Eves

Starting in Sales Administration, Damien commenced with Dale Alcock Homes in 1994, he then progressed to the General Manager of Dale Alcock Home Improvement, before starting Celebration Homes in 2002. The impressive performances of the companies Damien has managed over the last 10+ years resulted in his promotion to CEO for the Group in 2008, where he works closely with the Director and the Executive General Management Team to oversee the operations and provide strategic direction for the ABN Group of Companies.

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Miller

A Chartered Accountant with 30 years' financial experience, Jeff became ABN's Group Accountant in 1991. Today, as CFO, he is responsible for the management of financial affairs of all operating companies in the ABN Group and works closely with Damien to oversee all Group operations.