Perth needs greater densification of the city alongside urban expansion: Dale Alcock

ABN Group Managing Director Dale Alcock says that the densification of Perth, alongside urban expansion, is needed to make the city the best it can be.

Perth will grow and change rapidly over the next 30 years and we have the opportunity right now, to make it the best urban planned city in Australia,” Mr Alcock said.

“Balancing the need for increased urban expansion against greater densification of the city will be part of the debate and it will require all industry stakeholders to work together on an agreed set of actions.”

He said that catering for an extra two million people in the Perth and Peel region over 30 years would need careful planning.

“By 2050, we expect to hit 3.5 million people in the Perth and Peel Region alone. This is an extra 2 million people which equates to 800,000 new dwellings, split between infill and greenfield sites – there needs to be careful consideration around how this development is supported by the necessary architecture, public space and infrastructure (schools, public transport, retail),” Mr Alcock said.

“Densification brings housing choice and activation of our urban hubs – we need it to support an ageing community and a changing demographic. This allows downsizers and first home buyers to live in areas connected to transport, infrastructure and community support.

24 March 2019