“Conversations with business leaders” University of Notre Dame

ABN Group Managing Director Dale Alcock was recently invited by University of Notre Dame Australia, and Professor Derek Parkin, to participate in their “conversations with business leaders” segment of a unique Business Internship Course run through their School of Business in Fremantle.

A highly engaging class, Dale took questions from the floor on his own journey to success that saw ABN Group built up from one building company, to what it is today, 20+ businesses across property, construction and finance in WA and VIC.

The class of 60 Business Internship students took the opportunity to delve into the insights of both the success of the ABN Group and also Dale’s personal approach to leadership.

Professor Parkin said that his students were fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with business leaders of Dale’s calibre and experience.

“Regular student feedback indicates that the messages they take away from these sessions, act as a catalyst for those reflective processes of challenging their career aspirations and personal priorities,” Professor Parkin said.

“These messages are more than simply undergraduate workplace advice; they embrace life lessons which tend to stick with them for many years to come.”

Some of Dale’s thoughts on leadership:

  • Share the vision and the journey
  • A truly great leader is able to influence others to take up the challenge to “fight the good fight”
  • They are able to influence others to be ‘true believers”.  True believers become leaders and powerfully deliver on the leader’s vision. Care must be taken to ensure that “true believers” are truly aligned to the leader’s values and vision.
  • Finally, great leaders love making decisions. Their ability to make great decisions is based on their strong self-belief and self-confidence, without ego or selfishness.