We Design

To ensure every ABN Group home is beautiful, we employ a range of specialists including Draftspeople, Schedulers, Estimators, Building & Construction Designers, Prestart Consultants and Interior Designers.

We often recruit for:


Designing for ABN Group, you’ll make every client’s dream home a reality. Obviously, this requires creativity, imagination, and an understanding of building materials and construction. Your designs need to be liveable and meet building and construction requirements, balancing budget, block orientation, and client needs and expectations. You’ll also need excellent listening skills and the ability to understand what clients are really asking for, even if they’re struggling to articulate it. You’ll also need to be self-driven and, of course, comfortable with computers (you’ll use 3D modelling software, such as ArchiCAD).


As an ABN Draftsperson, you’ll use CAD software to produce technical drawings of building plans (including setbacks to boundary fence lines). Your drawings will be used prior to building to determine dimensions, required materials and costs, then our builders will use them as their primary guide to construction.

To succeed in the role, you’ll need to follow our design guidelines, be good with numbers and work well as part of a team. You’ll also need an understanding of contract documentation, pre-construction procedures, construction techniques and procedures and all statutory requirements. Excellent problem solving skills and attention to detail are also a must.


Our Construction Estimators are the enablers of the team. You’ll be responsible for ordering the materials for the homes we build, including sourcing cost-effective quotes and ensuring the right quantities are ordered. It’s an office-based role that obviously requires a good handle on numbers and analysis, excellent attention to detail and the ability to constantly (and quickly) solve problems.

Interior Designers

As an ABN Interior Designer, you’ll create dream living spaces. You’ll guide clients through internal and external colour selections, both prior to and during construction, to achieve the desired look and feel for their new home.

It will be up to you to interpret our clients’ tastes and examples, and draw them all together for a look and feel that’s just right. This means you’ll need creativity, a natural ability for customer service, excellent listening skills and the ability to read between the lines.

Prestart Consultants

As a Prestart Consultant, you’re the face of our business for all new clients, from the day they sign their contract until construction starts. Your service, knowledge and understanding will make the difference between an ‘OK’ experience and a great one. You’ll walk them through their options on finishings and colours, from kitchen cupboards and tap-ware, right through to wall paint – and you’ll even provide styling advice.

Not surprisingly, to work as a Prestart Consultant, you need to enjoy working with clients and have a flair for design. You also need to know how to read plans and interpret contracts, but that’s something you can learn on the job. Likewise, some construction knowledge is useful when talking to clients about their plans and explaining different features, because not all selections work for all home designs. This means you also have to be able to build good working relationships with people and enjoy problem solving.