Our leadership team

With thousands of homes built every year, over 1,950 employees and over 3,000 independent contractors working with us, our leadership teams play a vital role in directing our day-to-day operations and guiding the growth of our business.

Our executive team 

Our passionate and experienced executive leadership team directs the strategic direction of the Group and play a vital part in the day-to-day operations of the Group. They work closely with all parts of the business to drive our sustained growth as an industry leader, as well as empowering our dynamic internal culture.

Dale Alcock

Dale Alcock

Managing Director, ABN Group

A third-generation builder, Dale has driven our growth as an industry leader since establishing Dale Alcock Homes in 1987. He is passionate about supporting our people, our customers and the wide industry. 

Aidan Hooper

Aidan Hooper

Managing Director, ABN Group Vic

Since joining the Group in 1991, Aidan’s played a significant role in driving and developing the unique and dynamic culture of ABN Group, as well as our continued success in the Victorian market.

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

A global executive leader with a distinctive career in the resources sector before joining the Group, Andrew oversees the operations and strategic direction of our 20+ companies across Australia.

Iona MacPherson

Iona MacPherson

Chief Financial Officer

Iona joined the Group in 2024, bringing her impressive and diverse background in finance and expertise in capital management, technology and business transformation.

Executive Management team

Reporting directly to the Executive Team, our executive management team is responsible for key aspects of our operations, including technology, residential construction, retail, financial services, property and more. They regularly collaborate with each other and other senior leaders across the business to ensure our dynamic and collaborative nature is experienced at every level.

Ayten Ozenc | Chief Information Officer

Andrew Auret | Executive General Manager of Property

Brad Moore | Executive General Manager of Constructive Services

Dean O’Rourke | Executive General Manager of Residential (WA)

Don Crellin | Managing Director of Resolve Finance

Rob Bird | Executive General Manager of ABN Group Victoria

ABN Group Advisory Board

As ABN Group has grown, we’ve recognised the value of external insight and expertise. Sustainable growth that continues to centre our customers and people requires strategy-driven innovation, which is led by our Advisory Board, which includes our executive team and several independent advisors.

Andy Weir | Independent Advisor

With extensive experience in digital customer experience innovation and business transformation and growth, Andy has supported ABN Group’s strategic direction since joining the Advisory Board in 2021


John Meacock | Independent Advisor

Since joining the Advisory Board in 2023, John has supported our growth agenda with his cross-industry expertise in combining finance, strategy and technology transformation with business development.