Let’s get to know each other

We will want to meet you at least twice before we make an offer and we’ll want to speak to people you have worked with in the past. We want to get to know you properly and most of the important things can’t be conveyed in a resume and a single interview.

Your professional background is just the start. We also want to hear your perspective on your work history, and we want to learn about your personal experiences, your values, your personality, your sense of humour and whether you’ll be a good fit for our culture.

So we’ll do our best to make your interviews comfortable, and we won’t grill you when you are here. That way, we get to see the real you!

But we recognise that you’re also interviewing us. We shortlist only the best applicants for an interview, so we understand other companies will be interested in you too. You have to be comfortable that the ABN Group is your best option. We want you to ask us lots of questions – not just about the role, but also about your interviewer’s personal take on working at the ABN Group. In fact, if you are invited in for an interview, you will also get the opportunity to call any of our employees to ask them what we’re like to work for.

Our recruitment process

This is your chance to ask questions about working at the ABN Group, including your interviewer’s personal experiences. Come prepared with what you want to know about the job and us as an employer.

Here’s what to expect when you apply for a job at the ABN Group: