Diversity, equity and inclusion at ABN Group

ABN Group’s success over our four-decade history has been largely a result of our people. We are so proud of the unique culture and environment we have built at ABN Group. It’s open, respectful, fun, dynamic and values diversity and growth.

Our success as an industry leader has largely been a result of our dedicated and passionate people. As ever, we are driven to be better and we are always building on what we have so that everyone can be their full selves and really thrive here.

“We want our people to come to work knowing and feeling that they belong, that they are valued and that they can contribute to our shared purpose.”
Andrew Roberts, ABN Group CEO

Driving a culture of inclusion and connection

Just like every home we build starts with a plan and a set of designs, so does our work around diversity and inclusion.

Aligned with our purpose and values, our THRIVE wellbeing framework and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy work in partnership to drive our work to maintain a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for all.

We love to celebrate and embrace our differences. They help make our workplace happier and more productive. Our diversity drives innovation and creativity and opens our eyes to different perspectives and new opportunities. We know that we still have work to go but we are committed to it.

Some of our internal diversity and inclusion initiatives


Unity Network

Our Unity Network is our employee-led community network that provides opportunities for our LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies to connect, share experiences and provide support.

Following our launch in 2021, the Unity Network has supported the celebration of several important LGBTQIA+ events, including Wear It Purple Day, IDAHOBIT and Pride Month, and the distribution of pride resources across the Group.

Network members have been instrumental in the delivery of workshops on LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workplace and continue to support the organisation in its work around equity and inclusion.

Building on Boodjar

Building on Boodjar focuses on creating a culturally secure, inviting and supportive work environment for First Nations people. The program supports First Nations people access opportunities for training, development and employment in the construction industry.

ABN Training leads the way, offering a structured apprenticeship program built on a community engagement recruitment model, job readiness training and ongoing support and mentoring.

The program has seen retention rates of First Nations trainees considerably increase, with trainees finding success in their careers and making the most of their training and development.

Some of our partnerships