Our purpose and values

Every home starts with a solid foundation and that’s the same for ABN Group.

Our purpose and values form the base on which we build everything as a business. It defines how we work with and support our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and partners. It’s helped create our open, dynamic and vibrant culture. And it’s directed our growth and success as a market leader.

Our purpose

We deliver the dream of home ownership

Our purpose is what drives us to be better, has us take on new challenges and why we fight for each and every customer.

Delivering the dream of home ownership isn’t just a corporate motto or a marketing tagline for us. It’s a pretty big deal for us. It’s what defines why we exist and why we do what we do.

When we say we’ve built over 90,000 homes, it’s not bragging for us. It’s an acknowledgement that we’ve kept our promise to thousands of people and given them spaces they can be proud to come home to every day. It reminds our people that no matter what role they play in business, big or small, we are all part of delivering on that dream for our customers.

Our values

Building on our purpose, our six values define how we act in delivering the dream of home ownership.


Be real. Be respectful

We listen. We say it straight and constructively. We do what we say.


Just care

We pride ourselves to DO IT ONCE and DO IT RIGHT. We make it easy for all to love and trust us.


Never give up.

We keep trying and stay focused. We are resilient and take responsibility to be the best we can be.


Back yourself.

We lead and win together. We manage our egos, are curious and stay open in our beliefs and opinions.


Love what you do.

We strive with pride. We believe in our purpose. We remain positive and make a difference.


Enjoy the journey!

We love to laugh together. We respect each other’s differences. We celebrate our wins together everyday!

Our people | The foundation for our success

One of the things our new employees, customers and partners frequently notice when they come to our offices is the lightness and vibrancy.

That’s because we’ve built a culture that centres on people and not products, and that naturally brings a warmth and openness that is palpable.

Our purpose and values and they way we put them into practice every day have played an enormous role in creating that culture and atmosphere. It’s why our people love coming to work every day and why a quarter of our business is referrals from people who know and trust us.