Building & construction apprenticeships

If you’re passionate about making it in the building and construction industry, ABN Group will help you get there. Browse our list of current apprenticeships below to see if we have something you’re after. 

Apprenticeships we offer


An ABN Training apprenticeship is the ideal way to start your career in WA. You’ll learn everything you need to know, including mixing mortar; laying internal and face bricks; setting out and laying all the bricks for a home; and estimating quantities required to build a home

Cabinet making

As a highly skilled trade, cabinet making can expose you to incredible opportunities. During your apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to construct modular units and build bench tops; install doors and drawers; build residential and commercial kitchens; and install products on site.


Virtually every construction site requires skilled concreters. Over 3 years as an apprentice concreter with ABN Training, you’ll learn how to place and screed concrete; set up levelling devices; set up form boards and steel reinforcements; and master concrete finishing skills.

Carpentry and joinery

There’s no better way to learn the skills of a qualified carpenter than an apprenticeship with ABN Training. Over your three years, you’ll learn how to measure and cut materials; cut out, construct and set out roof frames; hang door frames; and install shelving.

Fixing carpentry

A fixing carpenter’s skills are invaluable on most construction sites. With your three year ABN Training apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to handle materials and install products; hang doors and install shelving; order stock; and fit out and finish jobs ready for client handover.


Your ABN Training apprenticeship will give you the skills for a lasting career. Over three years, you’ll learn how to mix mortar for different applications; fill in plaster slacks and push on render; sand walls and set internal walls; and create finishes like decorative render, window reveals and recesses.

Painting and decorating

Set your career on the right path with us. Over your apprenticeship you’ll learn from the best in the industry, including how to sand and prepare surfaces; paint different surfaces, including interior and exterior finishes and textured coatings; spray ceilings; and complete detailed jobs ready for client handover.

Plumbing and gas fitting

Plumbing and gas fitting is a challenging but fulfilling career. There’s no better way to get begin with ABN Training. Over your four years you’ll learn how to set up workstations; measure and cut materials; read and interpret plans; install hot water systems; and complete final plumbing fit-outs to a home.

Roof plumbing

Over your 4 year apprenticeship, we’ll equip you with the skills needed to succeed as a roof plumber. You’ll learn how to stack, measure and cut materials; screw sheets; read and interpret plans; install valleys, gutters, down pipes and flashing; and understand water flow

Stone masonry

Qualified stone masons are in-demand and we are one of the few organisations to offer apprenticeships. During your three years you’ll learn how to assemble stone tops; select the right materials; construct modular units; build and assemble bench tops; prepare cut-outs; and install products on site.

Wall and ceiling fixing

Take your first step towards a great career as a wall and ceiling fixer with ABN Training. As an apprentice, you’ll learn to mix cornice adhesive; measure and cut materials; Install wall and ceiling sheets; flush and sand joints; and install cornices, bulkheads, and decorative ceilings and recesses.

Wall and floor tiling

Wall and floor tilers are critical to just about every type of construction. Over 3 years, our apprentice tilers master all aspects of the trade, including how to cut tiles and mix tile adhesive; screed floors; tile large floor areas; construct fall for wet areas; brick up baths and spas; and tile wet areas.

Got questions?

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